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For Physicians

Our Web site has the following points of interest for referring physicians to Augusta Back.

Overview of Augusta Back. This includes information about each of our physicians and how to refer a patient to any of our physicians or directly into our spine-specialized manual therapy department.

Clinical outcome and patient severity data. We will be sharing patient severity data of patients entering Augusta Back for their first appointment, along with clinical outcome information. You will need your password to access this page.

Our goal is to provide the most advanced spine care to your patient and then return the patient to your care.



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The pictures displayed in are images of actual patients and employees who have consented to have their picture in this website.

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Minimally invasive surgery
Minimally invasive surgery techniques enable patients to go home the same day after spine surgery. Click here to learn more.


Spine Therapy
Spine-specialized therapists at AugustaBack help many patients to relieve symptoms without surgery. Learn how.


Artifical Disc
The artificial disc is a new alternative to spinal fusion surgery. Click here to learn more.


Home Remedies
Learn about how home remedies can relieve pain symptoms, and symptom charts that can show you what may be causing pain.

Augusta Neurologoy

The four neurosurgeons within AugustaNeuroscience receive cases on brain injury, spinal cord problems, aneurysms and other neurological issues. Click here to learn more.


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